Traditional classical hotel
"To Pounti"

At Chios, Pyrgi
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"The Pounti" 3 stars
  Hotel “Pounti” is a 14th century building made of rock. In spring of 2008 it was renovated paying great respect to the tradition and architecture of the houses of Pyrgi village. We made something unique using all our creativeness and preserving all the special features of a traditional house of Pyrgi village ( turns,rocks, colors).

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  "Pounti" is located in the heart of the village on one of the narrow village streets, just next to the main village square

“Pounti”, a building divided into levels, consists of :

“Germa” (the vault),* a wooden dining room on the ground floor, where you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner with traditional greek plates and delicacies.

“Patoma”,* a loft-living room on the mezzanine, for resting and a drink.

Pounti”,* an open space where stairs end up from the dining room and after which the hotel has taken its name.

“Doma”,* balcony an open vaulted small veranda for relaxation, coffee and drink

“Roof-Garden” *

2 luxurious bedrooms

“Fegari” (the moon),* a double-bed room with a fireplace.

“Estia” (Hearth),* a two floors’ apartment with a double bed and a fireplace in the main room and a double bed to the upper smaller room. These two rooms are being connected with through an interior wooden staircase and as well as an exterior stone staircase made of rocks.

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