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"To Pounti"

At Chios, Pyrgi
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  Pyrgi is the main village of the municipality of Mastihochoria which is comprised by the following lies at Pyrgi and has 9 villages : Pyrgi, Mesta, Olympi, Elata, Lithi, Vessa, Armolia, Kalamoti, and Patrika. Pyrgi, is one of the medieval villages of Chios, is located at the south side of the island, about 25 km from Chios city and Chios' port, and 23km from the airport.
  Close to Pyrgi, there are some of the most popular destinations and graphic beaches of our island. 5 km to the south from Pyrgi there is the picturesque port of Emporio and its graphic small port and with traditional restaurants and next to the volcanic beach called Mavra Volia (black pebbles) or Mavro Gialos. At the southest edge of Chios, having crossed the village of Dotia, in a 4 km distance there is Vroulida beach. Further (4 km from Emporios), to the southern end of the island, after passing the area of Dotia, there is the beach of Vroulidia. The sandy beach of Komi (about 3 km far from Emporios), apart from swimming is also offered for swimming, food, coffee and drink. The villages Olympi and Mesta are in distance of 4 km and 8km respectively from Pyrgi.distance consecutively.Changes of Other roads crossing this main road, end up in take you to magnificent beaches such as Fana, Trahili, Avlonia and Agia Dinami. Mavra Volia, Dotia and Fana apart from having the natural beauty that they present are also sights of archaeological interest

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